For questions or concerns, contact:

George DeWitt, Safety chair

Police Emergency call 911
Non-emergency call 972-495-2271
Anonymous Crime Tip Line 972-495-2271 x 205

Useful safety related links:
Sex Offender Database
Sachse Police "Area of Responsibilty" and officer contact info

We ask you to please take note of the following crime and safety tips:

    • Call police if you see anyone in a vacant home or construction site between the hours of 8pm-6am (even if a contractor vehicle is parked outside). If it is a legitimate party in the house there is no harm by calling officers to investigate.  Do not approach them yourself or ask why they are there.  When in doubt, please call 911 and ask for a police officer to come out to the address.
    • No children are allowed on any job site at any time. They could be injured and must be with adults if they are in vacant homes.  There is a juvenile curfew in Sachse during the summer months.
    • Never leave keys to your home under doormats on flower pots—give one to a trusted neighbor or relative for safekeeping. Lock your car doors at night that are in your driveway and take your mail in every day. Never keep your front or rear doors unlocked, even when you are home. 
    • Keep your garage doors closed unless you are staying in the garage!  Approximately 50% of thefts from homes occur due to garage doors being left open—while homeowners are in the main part of the house or backyard. Keep all windows locked when you are not home.  Also, do not leave bikes in driveways unless someone is outside.  We have already had bikes stolen during daylight hours in our community.  Remember—the vast majority of burglaries occur in broad daylight!
    • An easy way to reduce the chances of your home being broken into is to put up window coverings in your garage windows so that prospective thieves can not tell if you are home. 
    • Look out for your neighbors—know the cars, children, and people who should be frequenting your street.  If you see someone acting suspiciously or unusually, never confront them.  Call police and ask for a unit to be sent out.
    • Good lighting deters crime! Eliminate dark areas around your home that make it easy for people to hide and keep your blinds drawn at night. Motion sensor lights can be a great help in lighting your home. If a street light burns out on your street, please call TXU with the light pole number and request for it to be repaired.
    • Watch for suspicious activities and people who come door to door for solicitations.  Never invite a stranger into your home—talk to them outside your front door or do not answer the door if you are alone.  Have a peephole installed on your front door to allow you to see who is standing there before you open the door.
    • Get to know your neighbors and let them know if you will be away for a trip for more than a couple days. Set your alarm, have someone get your mail and papers, and have timed lighting that comes on in different rooms to make it appear that someone is home. 
    • In case of emergency, please call 911 or non-emergency dial 972-495-2271. Sachse Police have an excellent response time and are here to assist our residents.